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Oppose Government plans for polyclinics!

As you may be aware, the Government are proposing major changes to the way our GP services are run. Further information can be found on this on the British Medical Association's web site.

We should all be vehemently opposed to the proposed changes to these services and the encouragement by the Government of commercial companies to set up and provide their own.

Our local practices provide an exceptional level of care, and already offer the opportunity to be seen by a GP the same day, and with an excellent range of times for appointments. Out of hours care is provided by your local Primary Care Organisation, ensuring that you are always able to see a doctor when you need to.

Contrary to what the Government is saying, GPs are not refusing to extend their opening hours. Your GP does not want patient care to suffer because of any changes.

Your local practice looks after you from the cradle to the grave. They hold a record of every injury, illness, appointment and referral you have had throughout your life and are the central point of contact for all your health care.

If the Government has their way, this will lead to the demise of your family surgeries and your healthcare will be run by companies with their own profits coming before your needs.

Your GPs need your support. I urge you all to:-

For ideas of letters to send, we provide various templates - please feel free to edit as you wish. There are also links to find the contact details for your local Primary Care Trust and Member of Parliament.

We also supply templates for an A4 poster, A5 flyer and business cards for you to distribute if you wish and a banner for your web site.

This issue concerns us all. Every single one of us. Please do something before it's too late.

Please sign the following petition. If you know of any others, please let me know and I'll add them here.

I would like to thank the doctors, surgeries, organisations, publications and members of the public for supporting and promoting the Save Our Surgeries campaign. Keep it going!

If you have linked to us from your web site, used the templates, spread the word or have any information we may find useful then please email me!